About Us

Law Clinic OSIJEK PRO BONO is the general live client drop-in legal advice clinic that has been registered with the Ministry of Justice as primary legal aid provider since 2015. The start of clinical operations coincide with the grant award received from the U.S. Department of State in autumn 2016.

Ever since the Clinic has been successfully providing legal aid to poverty stricken people in Osijek region.

By mid 2020. the Clinic has processed more than 400 cases and that number is constantly growing.

The clinical expertise is civil law in its widest meaning, but we also help people confronted with debt collection proceedings, misdemeanor prosecutions, labor law, typical family law issues especially child support, spousal maintenance and a wide range of administrative cases and proceedings.

Knowing how hard it is for foreign nationals to obtain free legal advice in English in Osijek,  our newest assistance is provision of legal advice to all foreign students at the University of Osijek, primarily concerning the issues related to housing, medical care and residence permits but also covering other legal matters surrounding international students.

Ordinarily, the Clinic has open hours twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays 17-18h except during exam periods and summer vacation. However, even during that time we can be reached via email: osijekprobono@gmail.com. If necessary, we meet our clients by appointment. During the summer break the Clinic can be reached only by phone 031/327/822 and only on Thursdays, 9,30-11h.

We also invite you all to take a look at our clinical newspaper Klinika News available at: https://klinika.pravos.unios.hr/?page_id=376.

Zvonimir Jelinić, Ph.D., Director of the Law Clinic Osijek PRO BONO